Holdover Time Calculation Made Easy

Deicing Holdover is a winter operations productivity tool designed with airline pilots' needs in mind. It can calculate a de/anti-icing holdover time based on user-generated inputs. The app aims to facilitate the determination of HOT by offering a smart, user-friendly interface for the entry of all data points that could impact a HOT. As inputs are completed, corresponding fields update automatically to ensure that HOTs are easily to calculate and accurate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Alerts when the minimum and maximum HOTs expire
  • FAA, Transport Canada, and AEA tables are all available
  • Digital versions of the HOT guidelines in PDF format
  • Timer will continue to run in the background when user exits the application
  • Notes and cautions of the tables used for the HOT calculation
    are accessible from the Calculator page
  • Able to work offline

Deicing Holdover is part of the Deicing Manager software suite, a web-based solution that streamlines the capture, storage, and analysis of all raw operational data needed to manage aircraft deicing operations. DeicingManager's on-demand analytics portal converts this data into actionable information.

This application will be updated annually when new HOT tables go into effect.

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